About Me

Indie Business NetworkSheila Sacks Designs, founded in 2013, is a small Berks County-based business. Owner, artisan and designer Sheila Sacks creates handcrafted soaps and accessories for individuals who are looking to pamper themselves with unique and decadent bath products. There are approximately three dozen fragrances available at any given time, from earthy, rich blends to soft fruits and florals.

To set herself apart from the crowd, Sheila prefers to keep things unique. She offers a vast range of lighter and sweeter scents for those who may be sensitive to strong fragrances, and was hard at work this past winter developing three brand new “fandom” soap collections loosely based on Sherlock Holmes, Harry Potter, and Doctor Who.

The pride and joy of her business are vine-grown loofahs, which she grows from May through October with saved seeds originating from her first harvest in 2011. Sheila embeds loofahs in the soaps in her Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter collections, and also sells loofahs on the rope, a fun and natural alternative to a washcloth. She enjoys talking with customers about how loofahs are grown, and she shares her garden’s progress online through her website and social media.

Soaps and accessories from Sheila Sacks Designs can be purchased online or at local events in the Berks, Lehigh, and Northampton areas.