7 Reasons to Host a Trunk Show

Have you considered hosting a trunk show with Sheila Sacks Designs and The Owl & the Squirrely Cats? If not, here are a few reasons why it’s the best thing you’ll do all summer!

1. Because it’s easy!

Beka and I will help to decide on a date that will work with you and your guests, provide you with free postcards to help promote your trunk show, help you set up a Facebook event where we will post teaser photos and notes to help get everyone excited for the event, and answer any questions you may have. On the day of the event, expect us to arrive 60-90 minutes before the show begins to set up. We can bring our own tables or use furniture that you already have available. A table or tables totaling 24+ square feet is perfect for our needs. Following the show, we will clean up, break down, and be on our way in less than an hour, leaving you plenty of time to try out your free items.

2. Because everyone needs a reason to spend quality time with family and friends.

Our trunk shows are very laid back, without presentations or awkward order forms to fill your time. That leaves you plenty of time to chat with your guests, sip on a glass of wine or iced tea, and enjoy each others’ company. We love doing trunk shows because of the fun atmosphere — you just can’t beat it!

3. Because there’s no better excuse to clean your house than hosting an awesome party.

We’ve all been there… welcoming friends over or offering to host Thanksgiving because, when the party’s over, you have a fridge full of delicious leftovers and a shiny home to boot. We’d love to be your excuse!

4. Because you get to shop not one but TWO local, women-owned businesses.

Beka and I love to do trunk shows together because, not only are we close friends, we are like-minded in that we offer quality, handcrafted products for affordable prices. We love what we do — I create soaps, grow natural loofahs, design fun stone coasters, and make wooden soap dishes, while Beka creates beautiful, unique jewelry featuring new and upcycled beads, charms and game pieces, as well as one-of-a-kind home goods and accessories.

Beka and I have been creatives all of our lives, with an appreciation for quality and the Earth. We both graduated with baccalaureate degrees in the arts, and have turned many years of experience in our fields into full-fledged businesses. We stand behind our products, and enjoy sharing them with others.


5. Because of the FREE items!

We appreciate that you’re taking the time to open your home or business to us, and we’d like to thank you for it. As a host of a trunk show, you will receive a free item of your choice from both Sheila Sacks Designs and The Owl & the Squirrely Cats (Approx. $12 total value). You will also receive 15% of all sales from each business in credit to do your own shopping. (Eg. If SSD AND TO&tSC each have $200 in sales, you will have $30 to spend from EACH business, for a total of $60 in spending!). There are no limits, minimums, or levels like other parties might have.

6. Because there are no shipping charges!

What are the main differences between a trunk show and a consultant party? No waiting. No shipping. Instant gratification. Forget the ridiculous shipping fees or the tease of having to wait six weeks until the show closes and your order is delivered, which you then need to hand deliver to your guests. A trunk show means cash and carry… and did we mention we take credit cards, too?! Wear your new pair of earrings tomorrow! Place that brand new soap in the guest bathroom or shower tonight! Wrap up those coasters for the wedding you’ll be attending next weekend. Forget the wait… we’re already over it.

7. Because you could win BIG.

Did we mention there’s a promotion? Well, of course there is! We have a handful of evenings and weekends available through the end of September, and that means we would love to book your trunk show! Book a July, August, or September trunk show with us by July 31, and have at least five guests in attendance (easy peasy!), and you’ll automatically be entered to win a gift basket chock full of local goodies! The winner will choose a “Wine Lovers” or “Coffee Lovers” gift basket valued at $75,  that includes items from Sheila Sacks Designs and The Owl & the Squirrely Cats. This is, of course, in addition to the free gifts and 15% spending you receive as a host.

Book your show today!

Contact us at design@sheilasacks.com or through the contact form online. Also, for a first-hand look at the hosting experience, check out Angie’s blog post!